Monday, 16 September 2013

Your Wealthy Mindset - The Neuroscience of Financial Success

I was invited to speak to a group of young budding entrepreneurs on Your Wealth Mind-Set. I told a story of a budding entrepreneur who had a brilliant product with the backing a mentor and financial start up.

The product was ready for market, the signs were promising but running in the deep un-conscious mind is the message or the script that in order to be successful you need a good education and a job in a reputable company.

You see John (name changed to protect identity) knew from the age of three that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He would use egg boxes and a range of household products to create his invention. He went to school and his interest grew in being an inventor and entrepreneur.
His teachers told him he won’t make much progress if he does not improve his English. John’s opportunities to expand and express his English was hindered that the circumstances. The first language at home was Urdu, his wider community spoke a range of Middle Eastern Languages but few of John’s immediate contacts were proficient with English. There were few books in the home and after school reading clubs were not available. John’s friends were mostly within his community and deep friendship with children who were more proficient with English was lacking.

John was held back at school and his passion for invention and entrepreneurship was never encouraged. John became more and more discouraged and eventually left school with below average grades and lost hope that he could be the entrepreneur he wanted to be. His parents told him to give up his idea and that he had wasted his time at school. John continued to spiral downwards and eventually he became a case in the criminal justice system.
John was spotted by someone who saw his potential and the person became a mentor to John who made significant progress with his ideas including a sponsor to support the development of his ideas.

After a while John pulled back and was beginning to spiral down again. It was at this stage that I was introduced to John who was unconscious of the scripts and messages that were running his life.

You see John was told as a child:
  • Business is for business people
  • The only way to get on in life is to get a good education and a good job
  • You need good employment in a good company so that you can to pay your bills
  • You have lots of ideas but those won’t feed the family
  • Being in business is risky - A job is safer and more secure
  • We are working people - There is no one in our family who has made a success of business and I don’t see how you are going to be the first
There were 40 young people and young adults in the room and 95% of them were identifying with similar stories and more.

What your parents believed and how they approach handing receiving and giving money is logged in your blueprint and that is part of your success and financial blueprint.  The stories and saying you heard as a child continue to run your life without you being aware until it is pointed out to you.
  •  Are you or any one you know able to relate to similar experience?
  • Do you know the scripts that are running your life?
  • What have your parents and significant others told you about business and money?
Even when you come to know better, unless you clear those limiting messages and remove the scripts it is certain that you will return to the default position of the earlier messages. That is why it is so important to re-program your mind for success and build a wealthy mind-set. This is done by cutting-edge brain-retraining methodologies to eliminate the limiting beliefs permanently. With new beliefs that support your efforts to achieve your dreams and take action on your ideas. As a result of this mind clearing and re-programming your mind; you'll find it easy to maintain momentum, take the right actions, and steadily build momentum towards your dream life.

I speak and teach on the neuro-science and financial success to enable you to discover the strategies and skills you need to start leveraging your success.

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